Dallas Morning News

“After following the 85th Legislative Session and the expensive special session, it was clear to me that we need to restore balance and integrity in Austin. Last session, too much time was spent focusing on divisive and petty issues; we must demand that our representatives spend their limited time in session focusing on issues that are important to the people they are elected to serve. One party rule has put a stranglehold on important state responsibilities, such as meaningful school finance reform.”

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League of Women Voters of Collin County

“I support a comprehensive approach to infrastructure needs. We cannot simply pave our way out of gridlock. Combining new lanes, improvements to existing infrastructure, ride-sharing opportunities, alternative worksite arrangements, public transportation, and new technology like driverless cars will serve to make mobility more efficient. The fuel tax was intended to be the primary source of revenue to pay for our roads. Our state fuel tax is currently 20 cents per gallon and has remained the same since 1991. Raising the fuel tax would supply much needed revenue for desired improvements.”

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Plano Chamber of Commerce

“Our local school districts are making the best of a bad hand dealt to them by the state. The success of our schools is important in the development of our future workforce. We should not import a growing share of our workforce from other regions, but should train it locally. We lose half the benefits of great education when we invest in people, then they go elsewhere to work or start a business. I will defend and strengthen public education and work continuously to ensure our schools are fully funded.”

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Plano Profile

“My parents were members of the Greatest Generation. They taught me the value of hard work, the importance of family, and a love of baseball. Growing up in Catholic schools instilled in me the obligation to care for and serve others. I have faith in people and believe we have the capacity to solve big problems. One of our biggest challenges is mustering up the political will to take on the problems we face.”

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Teach the Vote

“My top priority will be restructuring the Texas school finance system to provide more funding in order to meet identified student and staff needs. Additionally, I will oppose any efforts to divert public funds to vouchers, educational savings accounts, or other mechanisms aimed at reducing funds available for public schools. Standardized testing should be kept to the minimum necessary to ensure student improvement targets are met. More local control should be returned to school districts in terms of governing their educational funding and programs.”

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Header photo by Adam Schultz.